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We offer parenting support through classes and private education/coaching to meet your needs. All of our services are offered In person as well as in a virtual environment. Contact us to learn more.

Available Classes

Love and Logic® Parenting Classes

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Love and LogicKnown around the world for its effective and wise strategies, Love and Logic® parenting classes offer parents of children of all ages the opportunity to have more fun raising responsible kids. If you see the Love and Logic® logo next to a class on our calendar, you can rest assured you are getting an authentic Love and Logic® class from an Independent Facilitator of Parenting the Love and Logic Way™ or Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun™.  If you do not see a Love and Logic® class listed at this time, contact us to inquire about doing the class privately.

Parenting ADHD Successfully

Our 3-hour course is designed to provide information to parents and others supporting children with ADHD and it's unique challenges.

Participants will learn about ADHD, what it is, and how it affects development; what good support to children looks like over the course of their development; how family members and others can best respond to behaviors associated with ADHD and its challenges; and specific behavioral intervention to support learning and positive development in children.

This course is facilitated by Mika Gross, M.S., founder, owner, and lead educator at The Parent's Place, and Amy Glendening, LCPC, a licensed child and adolescent therapist and behavioral intervention specialist for USD 259.  Click here to learn more.

Co-Parenting Today

Private consultation is available for divorced parents needing to address parenting issues. Learning to create two separate homes and to communicate in a non-conflictual way are the keys to making good adjustments for everyone. This service can also meet parenting education requirements if needed. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

PhD in Parenting Tweens & Teens

PhD in parentingPhD in Parenting Tweens & Teens is an intensive parent education course designed to inform, inspire and challenge parents of tweens and teens who want to grow in knowledge and skills during the very important years of adolescents. This course, conducted over eight weeks, involves: live one-hour facilitator-led sessions, post-session follow-up summaries, and exercises, two private facilitator-parent coaching sessions. The course is conducted in either a live local or virtual classroom to allow for meaningful engagement between the facilitator and participants. Contact us today to learn more.

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Parent Education and Private Coaching

Parenting can be confusing and overwhelming sometimes. Our consultation and coaching services are designed to support your efforts as a parent to clarify the issues and make a plan to move forward. We can provide guidance in a variety of areas including:

  • Parenting education - private and court-ordered
  • Co-parenting support and high conflict divorces
  • Discipline and behavior management
  • Kids with emotional difficulties
  • Step and blended families
  • Age-specific child development issues
  • Teaching kids money skills
  • Couples parenting sessions
  • Managing technology with kids
  • Parenting children with ADHD/ADD, ODD, and Sensory disorders
  • Parent/teen communication

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