Parenting Autism Successfully - Small Group Format


Site: The Parent's Place at 7570 W 21st St Bldg 1006C, Wichita, KS 67205

Our 8 -hour course is designed to provide information to parents and others supporting children with Autism and it's unique challenges. In this class you will:

  • Connect with other parents and community resources
  • Learn strategies to developing good structure
  • Master responding to resistance to requests
  • Explore a child's sensory needs and ways to manage them
  • Understand and combat impulsive behaviors and emotions
  • Build an environment for social development
  • Manage communication barriers
  • Receive guidance on effective IEP's

This course is facilitated by Rachael McGettigan, parent educator at The Parent's Place. Registration is limited to 12 participants per class. Cost is $125 per person. Classes are held only if minimum participant level is reached.

Not in our local area? No problem! Contact us at [email protected] to enroll in our private virtual course.

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