Parenting ADHD Successfully - 3 Hour Course - Small Group Format


Site: The Parent's Place at 7570 W 21st St Bldg 1006C, Wichita, KS 67205

Our 3 ½ -hour course is designed to provide information to parents and others supporting children with ADHD and it's unique challenges. Participants will learn about ADHD, what it is, and how it affects development; what good support to children needs to look like over the course of their development; how family members and others can best respond to behaviors associated with ADHD and its challenges; and specific behavioral intervention to support learning and positive development in children.

This course is facilitated by Mika Gross, M.S., founder, owner, and lead educator at The Parent's Place, and Amy Glendening, LCPC, a licensed child and adolescent therapist and behavioral specialist who works with ADHD children on a daily basis. Registration is limited to 12 participants per class. Cost is $125 per person. Classes are held only if minimum participant level is reached.

Not in our local area? No problem! Contact us at [email protected] to enroll in our private virtual course.

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