Our Classes & Services

We offer parenting education and consultation to meet a variety of needs. Check out the descriptions below to find your fit, or contact us to learn more.

8-Hour Parenting Class

Get the hours you need and have a great time learning! We will verify through letter or certificate the hours and curriculum that you received.  You can find our upcoming group classes on our class calendar, or please contact us to learn more about small groups and private education sessions.

Co-Parenting After Divorce

Private consultation is available for divorced parents needing to address parenting issues. Learning to create two separate homes and to communicate in a non-conflictual way are the keys to making good adjustments for everyone. This service can also meet parenting education requirements if needed. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

Step or Blended Families

Want to prepare before remarriage or address the challenges you are currently facing as a step or blended family? We use combined parenting education and individualized consultation to help you prepare for or work through adjustments and pave the way toward a joyful future as a family. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

Age-Specific Child Development Classes

These classes help you, as the parent, get inside the mind, behavior, and emotions of your kids. We help take the mystery out of the age and stage, suggest ways to capture the greatest learning opportunities to promote growth and maturity, and help you predict and plan for the behaviors you will likely need to manage. These short, one-session, fun and optimistic classes help parents understand their child’s developmental priorities a little better and find ways to use the right parenting techniques for the age. Look for the age-specific classes on our calendar or contact us to inquire about upcoming classes.

Love and Logic® Parenting

Love and LogicKnown around the world for its effective and wise strategies, Love and Logic® parenting classes offer parents of children of all ages the opportunity to have more fun raising responsible kids. If you see the Love and Logic® logo next to a class on our calendar, you can rest assured you are getting an authentic Love and Logic® class from an Independent Facilitator of Parenting the Love and Logic Way™ or Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun™.  If you do not see a Love and Logic® class listed at this time, contact us to inquire about doing the class privately.

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Parenting 1 to 8 Year Olds

Ages 1 through 8 are considered the Early Childhood Years and are a great time to take on parenting education!  If you are an early childhood parent, consider one of the following opportunities: Parenting the Love and Logic Way™, Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun™, Kid$ and Money Parenting, and the Age-Specific Child Development Class applicable to your child’s age and stage. View our upcoming classes or contact us to inquire.

Parenting 8 to 12 Year Olds

Ages 8-12 are considered the Middle Childhood Years.  Kids are navigating tricky territory around peer issues, self-concept, learning to take responsibility, managing emotions, and learning to solve their own problems.  These parenting years are critical because it is here that we set the stage for how we will likely parent in adolescence.  Great classes for parents of kids in Middle Childhood are the Age Specific Child Development Class for your child’s age, Parenting the Love and Logic Way™, Kid$ and Money Parenting class, and Parenting in the Technology Age.View our upcoming classes or contact us to inquire.

Parenting Teenagers

Wise parents figure out how to position themselves in the teen years to still be able to set limits, while also promoting the increased independence that teens come to expect.  They also have tricks to line up responsibility with privileges – getting teens ready for life in adulthood.  For parents of teens we recommend our Parenting Your Teens class, Parenting the Love and Logic Way™, Kid$ and Money Parenting class, Parenting in the Technology Age, or the Teenage Development Class. View our upcoming classes or contact us to inquire.

Kid$ and Money Parenting Class

Money is a powerful motivator and teaching tool.  Parents can develop a simple long term strategy for helping their kids gain skills in earning, saving, giving, and spending money.  This class addresses things like when to start introducing money, how to teach concepts around money, how to establish allowances and spending limits, how to help kids interact with financial institutions, and how to deal with problems that often arise with kids and their money. View our upcoming classes or contact us to inquire.

Couples:  Get on the Same Page with Parenting

Some couples are surprised by how much conflict they have around parenting.  Taking a parenting class together can help couples share new ideas around parenting.  Or our private consultation service can also assist couples directly with getting on the same page, using curriculum, powerful conversation points, and coaching on new parenting techniques.  Contact us to inquire about couples consultation and education.

Raising Kids in the Technology Age

At age two, children already spend an average of almost two hours per day with technology!  Parents need a game plan for technology in their home and in the hands of their children – one that offers reasonable access within limits, ensures personal safety, and promotes responsibility.  This one-session class addresses the real opportunities and the real risks posed to kids by technology and helps parents form a plan for managing the issue proactively. View our upcoming classes or contact us to inquire.

Consultation Services

Parenting can be confusing and overwhelming sometimes.  Perhaps you have “that child” – the one that is really challenging?  Maybe you are not sure where the problems lie, you just want to talk it over.  Either way, you’ve tried many things and nothing seems to be working.  Our consultation services are designed to support your efforts as a parent to clarify the issues and make a plan to move forward.  We frequently assist parents in finding the right resources and providers for their children. Contact us today for more information.