Welcome to The Parent's Place

The Parent’s Place is dedicated to helping parents experience great success in raising children.  Using a unique blend of knowledge of child development, family dynamics, and the most effective parenting strategies for today’s environment, we educate and support parents with children of all ages.  Whether you are a parent recently inspired to learn more or one having real struggles, we meet you with the goal of helping you form the skills and parenting philosophies that promote optimal development for your children at each life stage.  Check out some of our upcoming opportunities below.  We invite you to come and learn with us today!

Work directly with a parenting consultant to address your concerns, or to better implement strategies you have already learned.

Help your child develop economic thinking skills, form sound money practices, and make lots of monetary decisions before adulthood.

Understanding the developing teenage brain is the key to knowing how to set the stage for success in high school and young adulthood.

One of the most sound and tested parenting approaches with proven results!  Reduce arguing, debate, non-compliance and back talk while promoting your child’s self-control, cooperation, and problem solving abilities.